Toledo Auto Sales

These days, the auto market is filled with tons of impressive options for new cars and SUVs. While it's great to have so many options - it can also make it a bit challenging to choose the kinds of cars for sale in Toledo, Ohio, that will suit you the best! Want to pick a model that you can depend on to power your daily driving needs for years to come? If so, check out some options from one of the leading car brands in the nation - Hyundai!

When you need a car that will deliver in reliability, performance, technology, and safety all at once, you can always count on a Hyundai. Just like our Hyundai dealership, Hyundai, as a manufacturer, cares about its customers. It crafts its designs with the mindset that safety and performance are not mutually exclusive. At our used car dealership, we are proud to offer a variety of new Hyundai models that appeal to the different needs of our customers.

These new cars for sale in Toledo, Ohio, are packed with exceptional features and conveniences that are specifically designed to improve your driving experience. Whether you decide on a Hyundai SUV, compact car, or a sedan - you can be sure that you're bringing home a terrific vehicle that brings a ton of value! 

Hyundai SUVs in Ohio

For families and those who need lots of seating and cargo space - SUVs are the ideal kinds of vehicles to search for. As you might already know, Hyundai offers a great range of new SUV models for sale! The new Hyundai SUV options that you can find at our destination for Toledo auto sales are the perfect choice for growing families and those who lead active lifestyles. If you are interested in learning more about what these robust Hyundai SUV models can offer - allow us to shed some light on a few of the most popular options!

One of the flagship models that can be found at our car Hyundai dealership is the highly-popular Hyundai Santa Fe. This exciting model combines a spacious and well-thought-out interior with top-notch performance features to provide a one of a kind driving experience. The new Hyundai Santa Fe for sale features a 2.4L I-4 cylinder engine under the hood, so you won't have to choose between power and fuel-efficiency! All-wheel drive is the perfect solution for driving on snowy and icy winter roads in the Toledo area. This way, you can more safely navigate to all of your destinations. Speaking of safety, this new Hyundai SUV utilizes some of the latest cutting edge technology to help you avoid hazards on the road. Blindspot sensors, lane departure, and distance pacing cruise control are just a few of the compelling safety features that are built right into the Hyundai Santa Fe! 

Is a more compact crossover SUV what you have in mind? In that case, you can't go wrong with the Hyundai Tucson for sale near you at Taylor Hyundai of Toledo. Featuring a sleek and eye-catching exterior design, the Tucson is available in numerous great color options. The desirable features that can be found loaded into this SUV at our nearest Hyundai dealer are designed to improve the time that you spend behind the wheel. We all know how cold Ohio winter days can get - but thanks to heated seating and a rear window defroster, you can drive with comfort and safety! If technology options are important to you, then this car for sale in Ohio is one that you won't want to miss. You'll enjoy options like hands-free communication, remote engine start, Bluetooth Audio, and much more! To check out these options and plenty of other car sales in Toledo, Ohio - head over to Taylor Hyundai! At our nearest Hyundai dealer, we're proud to be one of the leading destinations for Toledo auto sales. 

Hyundai Cars for Sale

In addition to their array of stellar new SUVs - Hyundai produces multiple equally impressive Hyundai cars for sale that you can pick from when you visit our car dealership in Toledo, Ohio! One of the best-selling sedans in our Hyundai lineup is also one of the most popular vehicles on the market right now! Of course, we're talking about the Hyundai Sonata. With Toledo auto sales at Taylor Hyundai - you can pick out a new Sonata for sale that includes all the features you want. 

In terms of power, you'll be able to select between two responsive I-4 engine options. The base 1.6L provides plenty of power to handle your daily driving needs, but if you want to step things up a notch - then go with a potent 2.5L engine! The 8-speed automatic transmission makes for smooth and fluid transitions up to highway speeds. Inside the cabin, you will discover that these cars for sale in Toledo, Ohio are practically overflowing with desirable features. 

Make sure that you can always find the quickest route to wherever you might be headed - with the Hyundai Sonata's built-in navigation system! Automatic temperature control can ensure that all occupants of the Sonata stay perfectly comfortable, no matter how the outside weather might change. Premium leather seats bring style and sophistication to a comfortable cabin. Inside and out, the Hyundai Sonata is built to impress. There's a reason why it has become one of the best-selling new cars on the market!

Thinking that one of these impressive cars for sale in Toledo, Ohio, might be the right fit for you? There's only one way to tell for sure! Head down to our Toledo Auto Sales destination at Taylor Hyundai to get behind the wheel for yourself! Our dealership can be found at 6200 W Central Ave, Toledo, OH. Stop by today to take a free test drive of the new Hyundai Sonata or any of the other outstanding vehicles that we have on offer. When you're looking for the premier car shopping experience in the Toledo area - Taylor Hyundai is here to meet and exceed your expectations!